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Proven Secrets to Fundraising Success: Fundraising Experts Take Your Questions
    Friday November 16, 2012 10:30am - 12:00pm @ Talbot D

    Over the years, this session has become one of the most popular on our development track! Something we didn’t cover in earlier sessions? Run out of time in another session with one of your burning questions? Don’t worry. We’ve set aside time specifically for you to ask questions of the experts who’ve presented throughout the sessions. This is just for you and your questions, so queue them up!



    Moderator: Daniel Erspamer, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, State Policy Network

    Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, State Policy...

    President, Yescalis Campaign Strategies

    Leadership and Development Specialist, State Policy Netw...

    Executive Vice President, A.C. Fitzgerald and Associates...

    Senior Associate, ClearWord Communications Group

    Type Development

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